Goaltender Pogge loses his mind [VIDEO]

Yes, this incident is featured in the game recap, but we felt it was so ridiculous that it warranted its own post.
During yesterday's WB/S game, opposing Charlotte Checkers goalie Justin Pogge (former overrated Leafs prospect) made a save as the buzzer sounded to end the second period.
At this point in time, the Checkers were winning the game by a 5-4 margin.
You wouldn't believe it, but what Pogge did next will go down in the AHL's Youtube history forever.
Robert Bortuzzo simply skated past him, barely brushing his goaltender crease – not even making contact with Pogge himself.
Pogge drops the puck and makes a bee-line straight towards Bortuzzo, and delivers a large push to his upper body.
Joe Vitale made his way in, and popped the goalie helmet of Pogge up over his face with a gloved pop-shot.
Pogge would go on in a furious and childish attempt to fight Vitale one-on-one, with the referees attempting to break the altercation up in between them.
Pogge still tried throwing some punches, but things would calm down a tiny bit.
On his way off of the ice and into the locker room, he skated back towards the Penguins area of the ice and started chirping Tim Wallace.
The final result of his actions? Four minutes in penalties.
Jesse Boulerice bumped a ref and got the boot for 10 games, but Pogge may have actually struck one of the refs attempting to stop the fight, with a punch, and only got nabbed with a double minor.
The Baby Pens next game is Wednesday night against these very Checkers.
See for yourself: