Fresh Prince of London. PENS ROOKS WIN.
Late heroics from Dustin Jeffrey sealed the deal tonight.
Geoff Walker and Reid McNeill played their balls off.
It was a physical one like I expected, with three scraps going down.
Thiessen plays for keeps.
Top Leafs propsect Nazem Kadri didn’t play due to a minor injury.
That’ll be the Toronto fans excuse for losing. Until the real Penguins beat them 7-2 in October.
About 8 minutes in, some kid named Irwin gets past the Pens D and roofs Thiessen upstairs.
Leafs Nation goes wild. 1-0.
Nice view of the watter bottle getting banged. What a shot.
Not much happening in the opening frame.
Schnell was able to get kicked out of the game, though.
Nasreddine was giving the ref the business from the bench, after the call made it’s way over to him. Beast.
He came in on the forecheck and boarded some joke named Dave Cowan.
T-dot’s resident goon Richard Greenop came to his teammates defense.
Schnell looks up to Shero in the press box. “Where’s my contract, yo?”


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The story of the first period was definitely Leafs goalie Ben Scrivens.
Coming from college, this was his first game with a professional atmosphere.
Tangradi dangled his way in, and pulled a power move to the net. Scrivens says no.
Somewhere Steiggy was smiling drinking a Red Bull.
The Pens outplayed their opponents through the first, but the scoreboard disagreed.

A lot of people on Twitter were asking what CPZ was doing.
I replied, “packing his bags for Wheeling”.
We’re deep this year. If you play like garbage, you’re going to the ECHL.
Petersen looked weak too. They should probably carpool with their current salary.

Walker comes out of nowhere with a huge power move to the net.
He runs right into the Leaf’s goalie.
Dallas Jackson throws his gloves off and jumps on top of him.
He tries to make out with Walker, but the refs intervene too quickly.
Wish I shared my first name with a city.

Two minutes later, Zach Sill almost takes some guys neck off and he’s challenged to fight too.
This time, it’s by Michael Liambas. The rat from the OHL who nearly killed a 15-year-old kid last season.
Sill shows him what the pro game is all about. What a grinder. Another warrior without an NHL contract.
The Pens rookies, pumped from this scrap, go to work.
Bortuzzo shovels a point pass over to McNeill, who fires it on net.
Walker makes his way out of the corner and buries the rebound. 1-1.
Geoff Walker is a boss.
The Pens would go on a powerplay soon after, when some more rough stuff occured.
Tangradi was battling for the puck at the top of the crease. Andrew Crescenzi decides to give him a few extra whacks to the back.
Mistake. Animal awoken.
Big Dog throws off the gloves and eats this kid for dinner.
All of these highlights are included in the video at the bottom.
Both teams went back and forth trading scoring chances.
Job, job, job.
Everyone was getting ready to go to overtime. But the Pens weren’t.
Tangradi makes an unreal bank pass to Walker who takes it in stride.
Flying down the right wing side, he heard Edzo in his head so he puts it on net.
Dustin Jeffrey, the Fresh Prince, is standing right in front. 2-1.
Chicago on Tuesday to wrap it up.