Zetterberg, Babcock speak on Crosby

There's no way you cannot appreciate Henrik Zetterberg's game.  When he sets his mind on offense, he can be deadly.  And when he sets his mind on checking, as we saw in both Cup Finals, he is just as good at that.   It was kind of scary seeing Crosby having room to operate against every NHL team except for those Wings teams.  There's a great clip somewhere of Crosby and Zetterberg racing toe-to-toe all the way down the ice to be the extra man in a rush. 
Whatever.  Zetterberg's a beast.  Here's what he said when asked if the Wings were eager to play the Penguins:
"Absolutely, we need him (Crosby).  You saw those games he came back and played, the boost that came with it. You want him to be healthy and back playing. We all need him."
Zetterberg said his matchups with the game's premier player are what adds spice to a long season.
"We've seen each other so much last few years in the playoffs.  He's probably the best player in the league when he's healthy and those are the kind of matchups you will remember when you retire."
Mike Babcock had something to say, too:
"There's a guy named (Evgeni) Malkin who's pretty good, too.  Malkin is a star, he won the Conn Smythe the year they won the Cup. (Jordan) Staal is a real good player. They got lots of good players. They're a good hockey team.  Obviously, we'd like to have Sid in the game because it's important for the game. He's an elite, elite player. He does things the right away.  You're cheering for him when you're not playing."
Here's video of Babcock sending Crosby out a second time in that shootout against Switzerland in Vancouver.  DISCLAIMER: Turn the audio down at 4:04 and 4:39.  You have been warned.  Nearly destroyed our ears.

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