Your starting six against the aliens (All-Time) fate of humanity and Earth rests on the outcome of one game against aliens.  Hope you're not laughing, because we are not joking around.  Put yourself in the mind-set.  It's the only way this works.

From all-time NHL players, who do you send out onto the ice with literally your life on the line?   Picking Ken Dryden and Maurice Richard is all well and good, but if you didn't actually see them play, no clue why you would put your life in their hands.  That would be idiotic.  Also, stay true to the players' forward positions.  Don't be putting Lemieux on Gretzky's wing.  It is not allowed under Intergalactic Hockey Federation rules anyway.
Our picks:
1997 Jagr – 1989 Lemieux – 1993 Selanne
Late '80s Paul Coffey – 2000 Scott Stevens
1993 Patrick Roy
1993 Mogilny – 1989 Lemieux – Ovechkin city
Late '80s Paul Coffey – Early 2000s Nick Lidstrom
Late '90s Dominik Hasek
When Rick stops watching The Social Network and reads this, he will insert his own team, so keep checking back.
2008 Ovechkin – 1989 Lemieux – Mid-90s Jagr
Late '80s Paul Coffey – Early 2000s Nick Lidstrom
90s Patrick Roy
When he's done watching A Bug's Life, he will insert his own team.
1992 Kevin Stevens – 1989 Lemieux – 2001 Kovalev
1993 Larry Murphy – '93 Ulf Samuelsson
'97 Martin Brodeur

Now, seriously: You would take Wayne Gretzky as your center in the biggest game of your life and possibly the last game of your life?  He's a legendary player, but he doesn't have the swagger.  Patrick Roy of the 1990's has the swagger we're talking about.