Would You Play In Our NHL Fantasy Pool?

Over the summer we and the makers of Rinkotology parted ways. Wish them all the best.
We are in the process of deciding on developers for Rinkotology for next year.
But in the meantime we wanted to gauge the interest of getting a hockey pool together.
We'd most likely run it out of a site called Pickup Hockey.
Couple of things:
1. You would send your team to us over email or Excel spreadsheet, and we would upload them. We like work, so it isn't a big deal.
2. We may do a monthly game or a season long game, or both. All depends on the interest.
3. Fee would be between $10-$15
4. The reason we are doing a poll is because for fantasy online sports to be legal you have to set what you are giving away before hand. We enjoy giving away money so this will help us set a fair price.