WORLD CUP: Brazil Stunned
We are casual soccer fans, meaning that we'll watch the final few games of a big tournament if the U.S. is in it.  We don't know much about the intricacies of the game, so forgive us if some of this recap is bizarre.
The U.S. took a 1-0 lead like 3 minutes into the game.  Abby Wambach city.
Then in the second half, some shim on Brazil's team named Marta gets jobbed in the box and gets to take a penalty kick, and the U.S. is forced to play with 10 players as opposed to Brazil's 11.
U.S. goalkeeper Hope Solo was in her mouth, making a huge save.
But the ref makes a call that, from what we can determine, is never enforced so tightly.

It's not shown in this video, but there's some rule about other players entering the box before the kick is taken.  No clue if that was even the penalty.
Marta ties it, acts like she did something.
The regulation time ended, and the game went into two 15-minute OT periods.
Marta reared her ugly head again, scoring a sick goal, even though Brazil was offside.
The game slips into the second 15-minute OT period.  Brazil players falling everywhere.  Some Brazil named Erika almost died on the field to buy Brazil some time, even being taken off on a stretcher.  Miraculously, she's back on the field in time for the next play.
The game went into extra time, and Megan Rapinoe was coming down the wing all business and sets up a shot at the far post.  Abby Wambach was where she had to be and buried a header.  Tied game.   This was truly their last scoring chance.  They weren't gonna get another one.

Unreal moment.  People jobbing women's soccer are ridiculous.  Sports are sports.  It's why we watch sports.
The game went into penalty kicks.  5 per team.
The U.S. ran the house, scoring all five.
Hope Solo made a big save on the 3rd PK for Brazil.  Game.
Megan Rapinoe = Babe Central