Winter Classic Uniforms? New Evidence.
The blog has posted these pictures of a reiteration of the Winter Classic jerseys that were showing up on jobber jersey sites recently.
We all want the Pens black-and-yellow jerseys from the late '80s and early '90s.
Or maybe even the PITTSBURGH diagonal from the mid-'90s.
But if the Pens simply have to go with blue, these uniforms may not be as bad if dark blue is the base color instead of powder blue.
UPDATE: This goes along with what we posted in Part Two of our investigation in mid-September.

I got a sneak peek at the Penguins' jersey. Despite my previous post, which would indicate otherwise, I am now prepared to say with some certainty what the PITTSBURGH PENGUINS 2011 Winter Classic jersey will look like. In the past I've only been able to offer up a text description. Now I have something visual.