Why Versus may clean up on Tuesday night
That's the combined record of the teams the Pens have beat during this current 12-game winning streak. 
These records were tabulated Sunday, December 12. 
Looking back, the toughest opponent the Pens have played is Atlanta.  Going into that game on December 2nd, the Pens had won 7 straight while the Thrashers were on a 6-game winning streak of their own.  Pens won the game 3-2, but that hasn't stopped Atlanta from winning 3 of the next 4 games after that loss to the Pens.
Taking this a step further, during their current 9-2-0 stretch, Atlanta has beaten Washington (twice), Detroit, Montreal, Boston, Nashville, and Colorado; all teams in the top half in the NHL standings.
Now let's look at the Pens' opponents during this streak.
And guess what: 8 of the 12 wins have come against teams in the bottom third of the league.
*Two wins against Buffalo
The other wins came against solid teams in Atlanta, Vancouver, the Rangers, and Columbus.
Columbus is 16-11-1 and one point out of a playoff spot in the West.  Face it: They're solid.
So here we go.  Tuesday night.  7:00.  In Philly.  On Versus.
Philly is 6-1-3 in their last 10.  They've won 4 of their past 5 games.
They have been consistently winning all season.
To give you an idea of that,  the Pens' current 12-game winning streak
has given them a mere 1-point lead over Philly in the standings.
All the Penguin haters in the nation will be tuning in.
All the hockey fans that love a good rivalry will be tuning in.
People wondering if the Pens can extend all their streaks will be tuning in.
They've played three times this year. 
This is, without a doubt, the biggest challenge the winning streak has faced.
Good times.
Hell, if you're going, take these signs: