Why Crosby returning at MSG and playing on the third line should thrill you

Sid is back:

Via the Pens Crosby is back, and they are handling things a little different:

We want to get him back in the mix, but keeping his minutes a little bit closer to 15," head coach Dan Bylsma said. "That's one of the reasons for him putting him with (Cooke) and (Kennedy). I've always told him he could be a Selke winner. He's going to have his chance here with Cooke and Kennedy."

Bylsma should be given the Jack Adams just for that sentence. Presumably the Penguins learned from last time, and that is exactly what needed to be done.

And think about it. The Penguins are on a nine game winning streak. Team over player. That is the way it should be.

Crosby was the best player in the world a year and half ago. He isn't anymore, so he can start from the third line and work his shit out.

Brilliant move by the Penguins  for several additional reasons.

1. Maybe this will actually jump start Tyler Kennedy. Yea we said it. Remember that guy that got away with 2 million dollars in that security heist in Pittsburgh? Tyler Kennedy has done pretty much the same. Maybe this gets TK some help. It most likely won't, but hey there is hope.

2. What a matchup problem for other teams? Teams will load up against Malkin and Staal. All of sudden some guy that was working at Duke of Oil last off season will be seeing Crosby for 15 minutes a night.

3.The only lame signs that will be in the crowd will be some dumb Ranger fan holding a "Crosby must have hurt his head diving," sign. Ranger fans are so dumb.

There is nothing but postives in all of this. By the time the playoffs roll around, Crosby could be back at his "sum of all fears, " level. If anyone has any complaints, they are the most embarrassing person alive. 

Also, Brad Richards sucks.

Go Pens.