When douchebags talk hockey

The Faster Times website calls itself A new type of newspaper for a new type of world.
So, basically, it's a blog that uses CSS style sheets to make it look like a newspaper.  People have been jobbing us in the comments and via e-mail for messing with our own site design in order to bring more content in a smaller space, but at least it won't resemble The Faster Times' home page, which looks like a bomb went off on Sesame Street.
One of their writers, Mark Donatiello [pictured], decided to throw another piece of trash into the mix.  He recently posted an article stating that Crosby, as part of his NHL Revenge Tour, has convinced Malkin to forego the All Star game.  It's 100% pure bullshit from someone who, as the bio on that website states, works with the New Jersey Devils and uses bacon-collar pics for his online avatar.
If you're gonna put together "a newspaper," you should probably get some writers who are intelligent.  This is the first time that anyone has ever heard of this guy, and first impressions are everything.  What a douchebag.
Thanks to Eric A. for the link.