When A Yinzer Meets A Tornado [UPDATED, NOW WITH PART 2]

This is probably destined to be one of the best Youtubes of all time.
The commentary is both completely embarrassing, and awesome at the same time.

Full credit for the find goes to Mikey from the Freak Show. [ 96.1 ]
*EDIT: A new commercial has already been made utilizing this unreal footage:

UPDATE: Benstonium just won the internet:




UPDATED: Video transcribed


Our friend Ryan from RLD hockey, who lives in Nashvile, and just happened to see the youtube. He became addicted like all of us and he transcribed the entire thing:


“Get out here guys! All right, it’s hailing really bad right now.  We got a twister! DO YOU SEE THAT TWISTER? DO. YOU. SEE. THAT. TWISTER?? Oh my god.


“Hello?  Yeah.  I’m getting under – there’s a tornado right over our house, mom!  It’s a tornado!  Mom, it’s a huge tornado.  I’m getting it on video tape.  I’m getting it – I’m inside mom, I gotta go.  I’m gonna shut the door and try to lock down.  It’s right above us, mom!  It’s humongous.  It’s hailing golf balls!  Mom, it’s HAILING GOLF BALLS!  This is horrible.  Ok – I’m staying in, ok?  All right, bye.


“That’s a tornado.  Right now we’re in Hempfield, Pennsylvania.  March 23, 2011.  This tornado – we don’t get tornadoes here.  This tornado right here… it’s coming hard!  It’s coming down hard.  It is right above us.


“Do you see that?!  Do you see that?!  Oh my god, it’s – it’s ripping stuff apart.  This is a tornado, guys.  This is a tornado.


“Oh my god!  If you could see that!  OH MY GOD!  IT LANDED!!!  OH MY GOD!!!  TORNADO!  TORNADO!”




UPDATED: PART 2 has been released. It isn't as good, but still fun nonetheless: