What Bleacher Report Has Done To Paul Steigerwald Is Unfair

Blasting Bleacher Report is one of the most redundant things you can do on the Internet. There are some very good writers over there; don't get us wrong. But most of the time, it is a cesspool of complete and utter bullshit.

Yet the bullshit that is spewed is not only given the light of day, it is featured on every major search engine.

Case in point: What the Bleacher Report has done to Pens play-by-play announcer Paul Steigerwald is completely uncalled for.

Take a look at the search engine for Paul Steigerwald's name:


Just a complete joke. Immediately one would think that article highlighted is from a reputable source and it captures the truth.  Nope. It is from this fart crust on Bleacher Report:


James Crider, who is an absolute nobody on the Internet, gets to unload on Paul Steigerwald. Okay, fine. Everyone has their opinions. But to get it featured and spread all over the web? Come on.

Here is what Crider said [we refuse to link the article]

For a clearly upset Steigerwald to berate the New York Islanders organization, its players, and it's General Manager shows a complete lack of professionalism, respect, and class.

Announcers have a tough job in that they have to be able to cater to their employer, casual fans, and die hard fans all at the same time.

The task becomes even tougher when the game they're commentating on turns into complete chaos, and they're forced with the task of not only trying to find positive light in a very grim situation, but trying to keep a dwindling viewing audience from changing the channel.

Making personal, malicious comments against the opposing hockey club isn't a solution.

Previously  having joked about the death of former hockey player Hobey Baker in a December 2009 Penguins game, it will be shameful if FSN Pittsburgh or the NHL themselves do not seek disciplinary action.

Inflammatory comments from a person who makes a living trying to promote the game of hockey should not be taken lightly.

The NHL, the players, and most importantly the fans deserve better.

Again. James Crider. Take a look at him.


This guy is calling people unprofessional.

No one has been bigger critics of Steigerwald than us. But here is a guy who has been around the Penguins all his life. You might not like him, but he has earned his respect and paid his dues in the National Hockey League. And to have a butthole like James Crider, whose own mom hates him, get glorified for his bizarre rants: Unbelievable.

We thought Steigerwald's thoughts were 110% right on.  He spoke for every one of us who couldn't.

James Crider doesn't have anything invested in the Pittsburgh Penguins. He didn't watch the game or know the story of what happened on Friday night. He probably had just gotten home from a Nickelback concert and found the clip on YouTube.

If Crider wanted to post this on his blog that no one reads, fine. But to get it featured on the 4th-largest sports-media site in the U.S., that just isn't right.


As Steigy told Trevor Gillies on Friday night, we tell James Crider:


Go Pens. Steigy 3:16