Weir pays electric bill, power goes out
The avalanche of hard times continued to roll over Fox Chapel resident Joe Weir throughout Tuesday.  After Allegheny Power turned off his service late Monday night due to delinquent payments, Weir was left in the dark for most of Tuesday.
That changed in the evening hours Tuesday night when his wife, Samantha, felt he had suffered enough and paid the electric bill.  "What women usually do is make situations miserable on purpose just to make our husbands and boyfriends miserable so that we can prove some kind of point," Samantha said.  "Playing that spite game is fun, but when you have two kids, a job, and a cellphone that needs charged, your mind-set changes."
So there was Joe, delicately placing his NHL11 disc into his XBOX360 CD tray at 9:30pm Tuesday night, unfazed by the rumbles of thunder permeating in the skies above his suburban home.
"I was pumped beyond belief," recalled Joe.  "But still, as with any new game, I sat back and watched the intro trailer that from here on out I will frantically hit the START button to surpass."
And just as he was about to get to the main menus of the game, the storm that was in the Greater Pittsburgh area's mouth all night finally brought its wrath upon the Weirs' neighborhood.
"Boom.  Power goes out." Joe's anger got the best of him, and he punched a hole in his living-room wall, fracturing his right hand, and thus further delaying his NHL11 experience for at least another month.