Best Player In The World Index: Trololo goes out on top

Dating back to the beginning of time, people, namely Barry Melrose and, most recently, Peter Laviolette, love to throw the "best player of in the world" term around. 
So we figured we'd make our own list for some reason. There is no criteria at all. In fact you don't even have to play a sport or be a real person. Feel free to submit your pick for consideration for the best player in the world index. Email us at

1. Mr. Trololo

In a perfect world, Mr. Trololo would have played after Malkin scored at home games. But it just never happened. Mr. Trololo died this week. He'll live on forever:


2. Jonathan Quick

Despite Quick's loss in Game 4, he has been absolutely unbelievable. His style of basically challenging every team to go top shelf has gotten in the minds of every opponent.
Take this save for example:

He is basically down, and then he rises with the shot to glove it. Such a weird style, but so effective.


3. Taylor Steven's breast.

Pic via Puck Daddy

Porn star Taylor Stevens sat behind the Devils bench and caused a major stir on the Internet:

The clip also caused a major stir in Mark Madden's pants.


4. Sidney Crosby

Crosby was everywhere this week. He was at the Kings game rocking the cool LA look:

And he was all up to date on the news. He was the first person to reach out to Michel Therrien after Therrien was hired by the Habs:


5. Marty Brodeur

Say what you want. Uncle Daddy was as good as it gets in Game 4, including this sick kinda save.

6. Drew Doughty

Best defenseman in the NHL in these playoffs. Another sick shot this week:


7. This guy:

We've looked for this picture for, seriously, like 5 years. It was taken after the Steelers lost to the Pats in '04.  May be the sole purpose for this post.


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Others receiving votes: Rob Zombie, Bruce Willis, bath salts

Others not receiving votes: Claude Giroux, Local blogger and now local inmate, @Madchad412 on twitter, The Trib.