WEB REDEMPTION: Olive Garden and Sex

At the beginning of last season (the Civic Arena's final season), we took an idea and ran with it.  The premise was for people to e-mail us their favorite Civic Arena memory.  There were about 4 or 5 posted, and things were moving along well, but then we posted an e-mail that shook the foundation of the Internet.
Sadly, said story is not available anywhere on the Internet.  We inexplicably unpublished the post and deleted it once everyone found it was fraught with inconsistencies.   We've done a hard target search in GMAIL and have come up empty.  And even the sender of the e-mail, Sean, can't track it down in his "Sent" folder.  So we are simply left with what our memory tells us.
And our memory tells us that Sean e-mailed a story about a sexual escapade he had with his girlfriend in one of the suite boxes in the Civic Arena during a game against the Atlanta Thrashers.  Before the game, he said, he took his girlfriend to the Olive Garden for a big-time meal to set the mood.  Readers realized that the date he gave for the game was wrong, and people were blasting him.
Sean reached out to us recently when he saw a reference to Olive Garden and sex in a post.  As it turns out, he never even knew his story was posted on the blog (since it was posted and taken down within a matter of hours).
After we asked for proof of the tickets…