We Love You, Ted Leonsis

You know it's almost playoff time when Ted Leonsis starts celebrating before he should be.  
As much as we insult Ted Leonsis on this blog, we have to admit that we love him.  A blog post from Ted is a guaranteed opportunity for us to find new and more exciting ways to rip him apart.  We've said before that Ted speaking is like Christmas to us and that continues to be true.
Thanks to Hooks Orpik of SB Nation Pittsburgh for knowing exactly what we like:
Ted Leonsis has once again taken to his blog to call out bloggers for doubting the Capitals and to shovel heaps of praise upon his team before the regular season even ends.

Congratulations to the Washington Capitals organization for clinching its fourth straight SE Division Crown. And for moving back into first place in the East. And to Alex Ovechkin for scoring his 300th goal, the 6th fastest to this milestone in NHL history. He continues to score big and important goals for us. We are grateful. For a team “as soft as Charmin” read this one. We seem to have overcome a lot of adversity and I am proud of the teams “stick-with-it-ness.”

*Slow Clap*
Yes Ted, your team has accomplished a lot.  They once again managed to collect more points than Tampa Bay, Carolina, Florida and Atlanta.  They've even managed to collect more points than anyone else in the Eastern Conference and that includes the Pittsburgh Penguins.
We know that makes you smile.
Every day you can wake up and look down at the Pens in the standings, we know you're a happy man.  Today you must feel so proud.  Not only did your team win the Winter Classic (against the Penguins OMG!!!!) but you also won the Southeast Division.  You may even lead the Eastern Conference when the regular season is done.  Congratulations.  There is nothing left for you to achieve.  Nothing.
Oh… unless you count that silly tournament they play at the end of every season.  Don't worry about that.  It's not important.  Right?

This season has been a grind. You decide if we are an elite NHL team or not. It doesn’t matter to us. We are what we are. We are what our record says we are and we are grateful to have such great fans.

"We are what our record says we are."  That sounds familiar.  It's almost as if you've written that before.  But when?  Oh yes, here.  That blog post truly is the gift that keeps on giving.
Maybe this year will be different.  Maybe the Capitals will turn it on in the playoffs and achieve great success.  Maybe they'll get out of the second round for once.  Maybe they'll even win the Stanley Cup.  It's a possibility.  It's not one we like, but it's certainly a possibility.
But we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.  Right now, we're going to focus on our next game against the New York Islanders.  After all, the regular season isn't over yet.  You know that.  You mentioned it in your post.  You said that after the regular season ends you're going to "let the chips fall where they may." 
And that's the problem.  You shouldn't be celebrating the regular season and considering the playoffs an afterthought.  It's the playoffs make the regular season an afterthought.  They're what really matters.  
But who are we to tell you how to run a hockey team?  You've had so much success already that you must be doing something right.
Enjoy the Southeast Division Title.
Go Pens.