We are all Arron Asham tonight

Russian Machine Stops Working When It's Trying To Get Its Coach Fired and Puck Buddys teamed up to spread some holiday hate for tonight's game.  We personally were perfectly content to cut the Caps a little slack for this game given the fact they're in meltdown mode, but judging by the post over there…
There’s no game bigger than this, and they know it’s happening in front of their loyal hometown. There’s no need to spur us – the team or the fans – to Unleash the Fury this game…
…Caps fans are apparently pumped for this game.  There's no game bigger than this?  A lot of storylines to cover for this game, but we'll stop short from calling it the biggest game of all time.  It's a game on December 1st.
Join us as we take a trip through RMNB and Puck Buddys' post, as they try to make this game the biggest sfdaf of all graljfas;fdsghughghgh
Pittsburgh comes to mind. Hoorah, it’s beautiful and their food isn’t too toxic and the local rumor is that there’s even a museum or something. But it’s also home to the rat burrow of unctuous fink Richard Mellon Scaife and his poisonous heirs, and the ‘Terrible Towel’, which we rank as only just below Scaife as scabes-inducing. The Pittsburgh Penguins… and Dan Bylsma. Think about that for a moment: both the Penguins AND Bylsma (and his douche-hat) compressed into one geographic point. That single distinction alone  is enough to push Pittsburgh to new title holder: Epicenter of Suck.
There is no amount of torture that will force me to admit that Dan Bylsma is a decent coach. I mean: hardly a decent human being. Like Coach Boudreau said a while back, can you really imagine Coach Douche-Hat “playing” with anyone, let alone his offspring, during the holidays? Nice staged photo op, jerk. How about you use everyone else in your life as a prop for your own mealy-mouthed self-aggrandizement? Oh wait! You’re doing the Movember thing? Really? Moustaches around the nation have done great work for raising money. But no moustache has spoken truer than that spiral cut ham rotting on Bylsma’s lip.
They really hate Bylsma's Winter Classic hat and his mustache, neither of which will be in attendance tonight in the game of the millennium. The usual Crosby envy is littered throughout the post, but they found a nice, little nugget quote from Dale Hunter, who has coached against Sidney Crosby before:
“We had to put a checking line against him and pay special attention – he still scored points and goals — we limited him, anyways.” – Dale Hunter
Next comes a glorious paragraph.
The Fetid Stink Birds have allowed only 63 goals this season, compared with our 75. Their win percentage is better, their players are performing while ours are floundering.  Let the H8trs rip me up, but I’m not convinced Pittsburgh is much more than a well-oiled one-trick machine. There’s no juggling like we’ve had, or locker-room turmoil (that we know of), or serious disruptions. But they’re still only a few games ahead of the Caps. This isn’t whistling past the graveyard, but acknowledgment of a truth that seems to have gotten lost lately: the Caps, almost entirely from head to tail, are the best NHL collection of talent in the last decade. Maybe not this game, or the next, but quality is going to start to shine through. As we’ve seen before, the Penguins will rise, then fall, then settle into meh; I believe they’re already showing signs of this now by their play. If I were a bookie in Vegas, I would see the warning light flashing from Pittsburgh, and adjust accordingly.
"Still only a few games ahead of the Caps."  Are the Pens supposed to be undefeated right now? 
And a one-trick machine?  Which trick?
A) The league's 2nd-ranked PK?
B) 4th-ranked shots against per game at 28.2?
C) The Penguins scoring 24 goals in the last 5 games?
D) The Pens having four actual lines?
E) The Pens having a goaltender who we don't have talk ourselves into thinking is good?
In case you missed it in that last paragraph, let's all read that one sentence again:
The Caps, almost entirely from head to tail, are the best NHL collection of talent in the last decade. Maybe not this game, or the next, but quality is going to start to shine through.
And finally…
Dumptruck Arron Asham decided to give our Jay Beagle a pounding he wouldn’t forget. Or would, apparently if Asham had his way. As in: men with concussions don’t really remember what happened to them in the first place. In our book Arron Asham is no better than a drunk driver. No, he’s worse, actually: someone supposedly in control of his facilities (or what passes for them) who intentionally chooses to send a man to the hospital with a swollen brain injury. Nice going, Asham. Beagle may not remember, but we do. Asham: you are a horrible human. We are watching you. There’s a timebomb ticking…and you’re not going to like it when it goes off.
Pretty sure they're talking about this:
Almost forgot about this storyline.  Yeah right.
RMNB and Puck Buddys are solid people.  Except for 4 days a season.