VIDEO: Rick DiPietro stealing MAF’s shutout puck

From reader Nathan K.

So I was at the Pens Isles game last night and I took a few videos throughout the game in hopes of catching something memorable. I took one of the final few seconds of the game and when I watched them later on I realized what I caught. After the horn sounds and the Pens congratulate Fleury you can see DiPietro go and pick up the game puck just beating a pens trainer to it. There is a brief convo between them and then you see Crosby go and try to get the ref's attention. I'm guessing he is wondering where the hell the puck went. Crosby skates over to the bench talks to Letang and you see Letang go over to the Isles bench to try to get it. When I heard he stole the game puck and saw this video I realized that what was going on. Just though I should pass this along to you guys.

Here is the vid:


At the 1:07 mark of the video, you can see DiPietro and a Pens staff guy both go for the puck.


Why is this such a big deal? It is a huge show of disrespect by DiPietro toward Fleury.

According to people who would know these things, the goalie who pitches the shutout gets the puck.

Just another example of Rick DiPietro causing shit.