VIDEO: #remembertheigloo

" If anyone wishes to depart under the white flag of surrender, you may do so now. You have that right. But if you wish to stay here with me in the Alamo, we will sell our lives dearly."
– Some guy all jammed up about the Alamo
-Photo via Stephan Hazuga
The Igloo was our Alamo. We all saw some shit in that building.
There was no better example than this…
We heard about this TV timeout a few years against Montreal in the playoffs. In game 7.
The crowd went completely insane.
It was a direct response to the media hype about how Montreal fans would carry on during the TV break.
We finally tracked down footage of it:

That is what the Mellon arena was about. It went out swinging.
We miss the Mellon Arena everyday. But the Consol Energy Center is still the same barn. It just needs it first signature win. 
And tomorrow night would be it. So if you are going to the game tomorrow, remember the Igloo. Remember what you saw there, remember how you acted.
It would have wanted that.
That building is gone, but the spirit remains. In us. 


Go Pens.