VIDEO: Keith Jones and Mike Milbury accuse Malkin of being dirty

This may be the most infuriating 5 minutes of TV since the ending of Heroes season 1.


Vid and Malkin gif after readmore.


Some points:

  • Lecavalier is an idiot. He chased Malkin around the ice looking for a fight. Why would Malkin take himself off the ice. 5-3 lead?  Lecavalier would rather pursue a personal issue more than try to come back? Yeah, but Russian players have no hockey IQ, right? Lecavalier really showed his true colors.
  • Malkin has always ducked checks. This has nothing to do with that shit-stain Marchand.
  • Lecavalier is an honest player? Why? Because he can't take a hit? Again, what a selfish player.
  • The sucker punch by Lecajoke is outrageous. Could have caused a concussion.
  • Keith Jones sucks.

Fuck you.


thanks to Kurt P. for the vid.