VIDEO: Jed Ortmeyer Dives Into Boards After Hit By Matt Cooke

Knew this was coming.
Puck Daddy's Adam Lambert, a.k.a. TwoLinePass, a.k.a. the biggest troll in the history of the Internet, is obsessed with Matt Cooke. He posted this vid of Matt Cooke hitting Jed Ortmeyer on Saturday.


Puck Daddy's Harrison Mooney, who is actually a decent writer, posted the story. [ Puck Daddy ]

And now we have to defend Matt Cooke, again.



Mooney said this about the hit:

Will the league look at this hit? You bet. Is it suspendable? Perhaps. We'll reserve judgment for a better video, but that looks a little embellished. You wonder if, with the reputation Matt Cooke has, guys will make sure every hit he dishes out gets noticed with a little hop.

Man, as soon a player on your team does something, you start looking around for Brendan Shanahan. Not a good a feeling.

We were at the game. The play happened right in front of us. Matt Cullen jumped into the boards. Beyond embarrassing.

A GIF tells no lies:

Unless Cooke is the strongest person alive, no way this is as bad as it looks.

If Cooke gets suspended for this, it is going to be a long season.

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