Victim of alleged Consol Energy Center attack speaks

So here is what has been going on. The victims have reached out to us through @christmascrosby. We've been going back and forth with them in e-mails over the last few days, and they've agreed to release a statement. It is in its entirety after readmore. Nick, who was one of the main witnesses, was interviewed by the Pittsburgh Police yesterday.

Stephen S. provided an artist's rendition of the fight.


It should be noted as well that video does exist of this incident, and there has been no info provided by Police or the Penguins.

If you are unfamiliar with this story, read the account here.

The statement after readmore.



 I was unaware until now my horrific ordeal had spread so quickly across the internet — I was also completely unaware that anyone who had witnessed the event had stepped forward or been questioned by police. We'd had many eyewitnesses meet us at the bottom of the escalator confirming our account of the incident in passing to the present security team. One man stopped and angrily confirmed what my fiancé was telling the security guards and a Pittsburgh police officer present at the time. This gentleman was kind enough to return my camera and fiancé’s wallet to us which the 2 attackers had taken from my hand while they hit me at the top of the escalator. The witnesses to my knowledge had all been told to leave, many of which were threatened with arrest for disorderly conduct if they stayed — we were told by one police officer that "the only witness we needed was my fiancé and myself". We repeatedly stressed to police that we wanted to press charges, although they seemed reluctant and uninterested in furthering the matter when speaking with me. We were told that the men would be arrested, though the arrest would come in the form of a mailed summons to their homes. They were not detained. They weren't given blood alcohol tests and I can only assume they were released to drive themselves home in that condition. In addition, my fiancé was threatened with arrest for coming to my aid — an act of self-defense is apparently punishable by law. At least one of the 2 men had an Ohio driver's license — both did in fact have Penguins jersey's on. I should also mention as an aside that at least one of the 2 men wore a wedding band which I found particularly disturbing considering the nature of the crime at hand.

We do not at this time want to go into the graphic details of the event as we are trying to remain somewhat private regarding the matter — this is why we have asked that our identities remain anonymous at this time. I would like everyone to know that Nick's account of the events is fairly close to accurate as we are able to recall, and that he certainly did not make such a horrific story up. We do not blame him or anyone else who may have witnessed the event for not "jumping in" or acting on my behalf — this was a truly horrible incident antagonized by 2 men who were unfortunately deeply under the influence and other parties’ involvement would have merely escalated the dispute further. We do thank those individuals who tried to step up and tell security that they saw everything and to corroborate our story — it is individuals like that who have restored our faith in humanity after a terrible ordeal. I would like to verify several key facts regarding the story in order to set the record straight for those who are perhaps confused or reading some of the blasphemous posts by individuals not present for the encounter.

1. I am in fact nearly 7 months pregnant and very clearly with child — there was no confusion as to whether or not I was pregnant and the perpetrators could clearly see that when attacking me.

2. The 2 attackers intentionally went after me. Their punches were not intended for my fiancé and he did not "duck them" causing me to be hit. These were 2 men who would prefer to attack a nearly defenseless target than one fully capable of self-defense.

3. I did not run back up the escalator to antagonize any type of altercation with the perpetrators. Once they finally dropped me from their grips I went to the bottom where I remained in the care of security and a Pittsburgh police officer until we left the arena. I never once so much as opened my mouth to speak with either of them. My fiancé only ran back up to protect me once he saw what they were doing to me. He did not act in a way that could have put me in any danger as the damage had already been done by 2 drunk, unruly fans.

4. The fact that my fiancé and I were on the down escalator speaks for itself — we WERE walking away from the altercation despite the beer having been thrown and hitting both of us. We did not seek out a fight. Yes, my fiancé spit towards them when the beer can hit us. Yes, words were exchanged. No, he did not attack anyone until they attacked me.

5. My injuries are extensive and have been documented with photographs. My arm is badly bruised and sore from being held with such force by it off of the escalator — there are several sets of finger marks up and down my arm. My jaw cracks when I chew and one of my molars was chipped from being punched in the jaw so hard. To this point my unborn son appears to be okay — I have continued to feel him kick and remain active although I am sore down the left side of my body from being held up against the wall of the escalator while it moved. I will however be having my side and stomach checked for injury as well as the baby as a precaution due to increasing pain. I also had a handful of hair ripped out which short of mild pain and a headache for several days does not appear to have caused any damage. My neck is sore as if it would be from whiplash caused by a car accident.

6. What nobody realizes is that the behavior of the individuals prior to the end of the game was what initially caused the altercation. Visibly intoxicated and belligerent one of the 2 individuals spilled an entire can of beer on 2 rows of people including parents and 3 children just prior to the 3rd period — this unfortunately, was where we were seated. While a nuisance, this could perhaps have been tolderable had a prompt apology been issued. Unfortunately, rather than apologize the men laughed uncontrollably, never offered to help them clean themselves or their chairs off and retreated to purchase 2 additional beers each at the start of the 3rd period. Perhaps the greatest question at this point is why they were served when the Pens tickets state that you won't be if you are visibly intoxicated which clearly they were. The young children next to us were forced to leave all of the souvenirs that their dad had purchased them including stickers, programs, etc. due to being soaked with beer. The individuals followed us out calling me names that I will not mention as they have already been released and made public in Nick's statement. The rest of the story is what you already know.

7. Both my fiancé and I were in fact wearing Penguins jerseys — so this was not an act of anger for our wearing another team's jersey to an event. At least we both were until the attackers ripped my fiancé’s jersey completely from his body.

We'd like to thank those who have expressed care and concern for our unborn child and my safety regarding this difficult issue and ask that you please respect our privacy and desire to ride this out silently. While we do want them to be punished to the fullest extent of the law, we would prefer to allow the police to handle it and are hoping that they will do everything that needs to be done in order to seek justice — although at this time it does not seem that will be something we can expect. In addition we ask that you try to remember that not ALL Penguins fans behave in this fashion and that an unfortunate few bad seeds should not stand to represent our Pittsburgh nation as a whole.

Thank you for your support in this matter. Let's Go Pens!!!


The Victims