Vancouver Rioters Posting Their Crimes On The Internet

Rioting and destroying the city is stupid enough on its own.

Posting about the crimes you committed on the Internet for everyone to see is even more stupid.



Many more here:

Also, apparently this guy isn't a rioter:

"News is he took the stick from a rioter and screamed at them when this shit was snapped!"

EDIT: Nope… he was rioting.

Check out the 53 second mark of the video. Thanks to @ftd318 on Twitter.

We're still waiting on the identity of this couple:

Edit: There's a rumor that she may have been hurt and the guy was helping her.

Edit 2: A different angle of that couple makes the situation look much different:

It looks like she was injured and unable to walk. This photo looks like it was taken a while after the other one.

Maybe the guy kissing her was trying to help her?