An unloading of links

In the Montreal recap, we wondered why Crosby wasn't given an assist on that Staal goal.  We saw some chatter on Twitter about it, too.  Well, the NHL gatekeepers have decided to give Crosby that assist.  So his stat line this season is now 2g7a9p.
We remember reading or hearing somewhere that players make a habit of visiting the powers that be after their respective games to make sure they were credited for everything they did, whether it be goals, assists, or penalty minutes.  It mostly has to do with players trying to reach certain statistical markers that make contract incentives kick in.
yinzerinct — a picture from Connecticut
ALSO:  More stuff from that Habs game, a Sidney Crosby remix, and a Subban-Neal slew GIF… sent this in. The Gazette in Montreal is wondering, given the Pens' experience with Crosby, why the Pens allowed Letang to return to the ice after the hit to the head.  The columnist has no idea what went on in the locker room, so it's just a soapbox-type article.  Yet we're still linking it. [ Gazette ]
Also from the Montreal game, @sarie8766 tipped us off to a feed on Tumblr, which began something like this:


Link from the KISS boys.
MazFamily snapped these pics in NY:
Go Pens