Tyler Kennedy Re-Signs

On the heels of the Jagr news, comes the news that Tyler Kennedy will be back in Pittsburgh.

Tyler Kennedy has signed a two-year deal worth $2 million per season.

This is what we expected from a Kennedy deal and it's good that the Pens got this done before the overpaying madness truly started.

Like him or not, Kennedy was needed on the Pens, especially now that we know Jagr won't be coming to Pittsburgh.
The free agent pool is shallow, especially for wingers, and the Pens certainly need help on the wings.
Kennedy came at a reasonable price and reasonable prices will be very hard to find right now.
$2 million for a 20 goal scorer is solid, as long as Kennedy continues to be a 20 goal scorer.
No idea what's going to happen. 
This could be a crazy, crazy day.