Tyler Kennedy Close To Returning, Sidney Crosby Not Quite

The Pittsburgh Penguins are close to getting a forward back from a concussion, but it's not the one everyone has been speculating about.  Tyler Kennedy will be a game-time decision tomorrow. Kennedy hasn't played since October 15 due to a concussion.

Dan Bylsma also noted that there is still no timetable for Sidney Crosby's return and that he will not play in the next two games.

Obviously it would have been great news if the Penguins announced Crosby's return, but Kennedy coming back is great for the team as well. Honestly, anything that involves the team getting healthier is good news right now.

This just reiterates what everyone has been saying all along: There is no way to know exactly when a hockey player will return from a concussion. The only correct decision is to allow a player to fully recover before returning. Sure, it would be amazing to see Sidney Crosby play an NHL game again, but only if he's 100% ready to do so. There's absolutely no point in rushing anything and the Penguins know that.

Now Kennedy just has to catch up to Jaromir Jagr in scoring.