Two Upcoming Dek Tournaments in Mt. Pleasant

One thing we don't do enough is promote local hockey leagues, and Tournaments. Really want to do that more in the upcoming months. So if you know of one, drop us an email at
There are two upcoming tournaments located at Hot Shots in Mt. Pleasant.
Here are the details for the first one on August 25th.

Contact is


The second one is the Mark Madden tournament. Yea, we know Madden and us don't get along all that well but his tournament is hell in the cell. We played in it last year, and got absolutely destroyed. But it was fun.
Here are the details:
September 29-30, 2012: Fall Classic at Hot Shots Indoor Arena, Mt. Pleasant, PA (just east of Pittsburgh).

Divisions: Men’s D & Novice.
Cost: Just $450 per team. U.S. funds only!!!
Three games guaranteed per team.
Local teams may be required to play Friday, Sept. 28.
Prizes awarded to each member of champions and runners-up.
Team trophies awarded to champions and runners-up.
Outstanding player awards will be given.
Roller hockey tournament will also be held! E-mail PENGUINSROLLER@HOTMAIL.COM for details!

Rules: The ASHI/IDTA rulebook will be used.
*Each team uses five runners and a goalie.
*Center line is offsides.
*Body checking and fighting are forbidden.
*High sticking won’t be called when signaling for a pass.
*Matching color shirts required.
*Gloves and shin pads are required.
*Goaltenders must wear full equipment.
*Games consist of three 10-minute periods.

Minimum roster is 11, maximum is 18.
D & Novice teams may not use A players.
Novice teams may use up to 2 players also playing in D.
Teams may only use players from within a 50-mile radius of their home rink!

Addition contact info here.

We may get a Pensblog team for this, not sure though.

Like we said, if anyone has any upcoming tournaments let us know.