Two Sites To Waste Your Time On

One is a site we are sure you're aware of:

In addition to complete salary-cap stuff, they have the NHL trade machine. It is addicting. You can put trades together and really understand how contracts move and whatnot. For example, we proposed this trade:

Flames get: TK and Goose
Pens get: Tanguay and Babchuk

Best thing about this is that it shows you how much money is left on this season's contracts. Too many people get this wrong. In this case, the cap situation of both teams before the trade is this:

(Pens on left, Flames on right.)

After the trade, the figures compute to this:

Basically the Pens would overdraft the account on this one.

You could spend unlimited time putting shit together on this site.   
Stoosh mentioned this site in his post earlier this
We mentioned in the Wings recap that it would be interesting to see how many of Tyler Kennedy's 100 career points Jordan Staal has figured in on. You can't exactly do that here, but it is damn close.  There is a sick feature that allows you to break down the points generated by each line combo.
Example: Tyler Kennedy this season.
Example: Malkin in 2007-2008


You get the point, so no need to go on. Unreal.

And in tribute to Malkin in 2007: