Two NHL Has-Beens Blister Matt Cooke

Look, Matt Cooke deserved every part of his four-game suspension.
He'll serve his time, and we will all move on.
No need to go into some long defense of who Matt Cooke is.
But don't tell this to two former NHL players who embarrassed Cooke on radio today.

Start with the giant flaming piece of shit that is Jeremy Roenick.

Roenick had this exchange with XM's Mike Ross

Roenick: "Does it surprise you? Does it surprise you that Matt Cooke would be so …"

Ross: "Dumb?"

Roenick: "Chickenshit, and do that?
"Right from behind. Blatant from behind. Fedor Tyutin didn't even turn. Didn't move. Was standing there for three or four seconds, and he still hit him from behind."

Ross: "He never saw anything but the numbers, and then ran him."

Roenick: "Not one second did he see anything but his name and his number. It goes back to so many different things that I talk about when it comes to the respect factor. Matt Cooke, No. 1, doesn't have respect for anyone. He's one of the least favorite guys in the League by the players for a reason. Hitting Savard, having that all situation … granted, you decide what you think on that. But this situation last night is exactly what gives players bad names, gives guys bad names. It's why we have injuries. It's why someone's going to get either paralyzed or killed on the ice one of these days. Because of idiot, idiot, idiot people and plays like Matt Cooke did last night."

Jeremy Roenick is a scumbag at the highest level. He is one of the biggest choke artists in the history of the NHL. He also is a gigantic pussy. Anyone remember back in '92 when he faked an injury and accused a Penguins of breaking his hand or something?  It is just so easy to live in Jeremy Roenick's world, isn't it?

Next up is the king of has-beens: Ken Daneyko.
Don't know who Ken Daneyko is?  Don't worry. Just look for a picture of Scott Stevens and look for the asshole riding his coat-tails.  Daneyko had this to say on Puck Daddy Radio:

"I'm as crazy as this: The NHL [should declare] open season for one week on Matt Cooke. You won't get suspended. Then we'll see if he'll continue [his behavior] for the rest of the season or his career.

Anyone. ANYONE that played for the New Jersey Devils in the '90s should be removed from chiming in about dirty players.

The I.R.S. lets NHL players claim Daneyko as an dependent because of how much he hung onto people.

If a respectable former NHL player had an opinion on this, who would argue with them?
But when Ken Daneyko starts chirping?  Get real.

Puck Daddy with the H/T.