TWITTER CONTEST: 12.13 — Win one of Stephen’s prints


One of Stephen's 13"x19" prints, delivery in time for Christmas.  Head over to his Print Shop to see all the prints you can pick from. 

Yes, even this one:

For those of who have already purchased one, a large chunk of the prints are already in the mail.
Here's what the prints look like.  We set a $10 bill on there so you could judge the scale of these prints, just like that scene in Bone Collector.


You'll be guessing the time and period that the Pens get their 15th shot of the game.  We will be using the game log from to get the time.

Copy and paste the following into a tweet, substituting the guess for your own.

@Pensblog 11:13, 2nd per. #JimmyHowardSucks

Watch Jimmy Howard not play tonight.