TWITTER CONTEST: Two tix and hotel for April 8th NYI game
In cooperation with TiqIQ, we have set up the Bury Gillies ticket promotion for the April 8th game on Long Island.  For $200 total, you can get a pair of tickets and a hotel room.  The seats are all part of one massive group.  All the information for this is here.  You can also buy tickets for the game itself, sans hotel, at the link, also.
Which brings us to this contest, which is the granddaddy of them all.  The winner of this Twitter Contest will be given two tickets and a hotel room for the NYI Invasion game on April 8th.  A $200 value ABSOLUTELY FREE CITY.
How to play:
1. You will be guessing Dustin Jeffrey's ice time for Tuesday night's game against the Buffalo Sabres.
2. Copy and paste the below into a tweet, substituting the ice time with your own guess.
#DePaoliSucks @Pensblog 11:13
Fine print:
1. We will be grabbing the ice-time statistic from the official scoresheet at
Overtime ice time is included.
2. Closest guess (above or below) to the actual time wins.
3. No Holds Barred.
If he's ejected 2 seconds into the game, so be it.
4. In the event of a tie, there will be a one-game playoff using Saturday's game against Montreal.