Twitter Contest: #TPBinvasion


For tonight's contest we are celebrating the invasion of the Isle. A lot of people want to know why Pens fans are going up there. We don't even know.
All we do know is that after the events of 2/11/11, our only impulse was to get tickets for 4/8.
Maybe it is to deal with assholes like this:

@emptynetters with the find on this pic.

Whatever the case, Pens fans from near and far are invading the Isle tonight.

And we figured we will have a contest tonight to get the hashtag #TPBinvasion trending.



1. Predict the period/time of the second goal of the game.

2  Send the tweet to @tpbderek and @tpbadam. Tag the tweet.#TPBinvasion

3. Winner gets a free entry into Rinkotology.


Do it.


go pens