Twitter Contest – Tampa Bay 3/31



First things first. Congrats to @Clwatt3 for winning the Flyers contest. He had the winning time of 10:35 of the second. The tenth save came at 10:29.


For tonight's contest we are trying to spark something. James Neal needs to score so:

1. Predict the period/time of James Neal's first goal of the game.

2 Post a tweet to @tpbderek and @tpbadam. You have to be following the accounts.

3. Tag the tweet: #nealscorestonight

4. If the Pens get shutout, we will never do this type of contest again.

5. If Neal doesn't score, clearly no winner.

6. If he does, winner gets $20.


@tpbderek @tpbadam #nealscorestonight 2nd 19:09
( Use the right time format. It is the game time, not elapsed time. Look at second column here if you are confused.)
Good luck.