Twitter Contest: Lightning 10.27
You will be guessing when the first goal of the game will be scored.
Winner has their choice of prizes: Two Quizno's coupons. Ticket stub from first preseason game at CONSOL. An AT&T Motorola RAZR (with clean ESN).  Charger included if it can be found. By the way, winners of each contest will compete in their own exclusive contest for Game 82 of the season, with the winner receiving $300.
How to play:

1. Get yourself a Twitter account and guess the time and period of the first goal of the game.
Using this screenshot, the goal is scored at 13:51 of the second period.
NOT 6:09 of the second.

2. Copy and paste the following into your tweet, obviously entering in your own guess:

@Pensblog 13:51, 2nd per.