Training Camp: Day 1

Camp Bylsma kicked off this morning. We were there for the practice and scrimmage. We took some notes on the practice groups and the scrimmage between Group A and B.
The team is broken into three groups. The first group to practice was Group A.

Group A

11 Jordan Staal
14 Chris Kunitz
18 James Neal
28 Nick Johnson

33 Steve MacIntyre 
42 Keven Veilleux
46 Joe Vitale
62 Ben Street
64 Tom Kuhnhackl
69 Bryan Lerg

37 Brian Strait
44 Brooks Orpik
55 Philip Samuelsson
58 Kris Letang
59 Carl Sneep
70 Joseph Morrow

29 Marc-Andre Fleury
33 Scott Munro

Group A practice notes Neal was sniping everything in drills. Very impressive. Johnson looked really good, as well. Some good speed. Veilleux really worked on his speed. Noticeable difference in his skating from last year's camp. to see a 55 out there. Phillip Samuelsson was sporting it. Joe Morrow looked pretty poised. MacIntyre is terrible. But it is first day on the job. Gotta cut him some slack. Staal looked like he had two left skates on. Vitale displayed his quickness and tenacity that the coaches know he can bring. Darkhorse city. Street beat Fleury with his patented wrister a few times in drills.
Group B

12 Richard Park
19 Jason Williams
25 Eric Tangradi
26 Steve Sullivan
48 Tyler Kennedy
56 Paul Thompson
57 Brian Gibbons
71 Evgeni Malkin
76 Dominik Uher

4 Zbynek Michalek
7 Paul Martin
47 Simon Despres
52 Alex Grant
53 Joey Mormina
67 Geoff Walker

1 Brent Johnson
61 Patrick Killeen

GROUP B practice notes cittttty really interesting players in this group. Park, Williams, and Tangradi all playing for jobs. didn't have his best practice. Drills were sloppy for everyone. Be interested to see how he is doing in like two weeks. Williams was hit or miss. Showed flashes of brilliance with his wrist shot but was mishandling the puck at times, too. Thompson could be a guy to watch at W-B/S this year. Great size and hands. Mormina was easily the worst defenseman and/or man on the ice today. That includes Gilles Meloche. Gibbons is about 5'5" and could be described as a poor man's Chris Conner. Jesus.
Group C

9 Pascal Dupuis
10 Mark Letestu
15 Dustin Jeffrey
23 Ryan Craig
24 Matt Cooke
27 Craig Adams
38 Colin McDonald
45 Arron Asham
51 Zach Sill
87 Sidney Crosby 

2 Matt Niskanen
5 Deryk Engelland

6 Ben Lovejoy
54 Alexandre Picard
74 Brandon DeFazio
78 Scott Harrington

39 Brad Thiessen

GROUP C practice notes course the biggest ovation went to Crosby when he came out. It was good to see. scored on his first four practice shots. A little bit later, he picked Brad Thiessen five straight times via the five hole. skated well, looked like he has recovered well., who was booed last year, got a nice ovation this year. is no coincidence that Picard, Riskanen, Engelland, and Lovejoy are all in the same group. Four guys for two spots. looked pretty refreshed, picking a few of his signature five-hole spots. Cooke didn't kill anyone. Yet. round pick from this year, Scott Harrington is going to be a beast. Two-way city.
SCRIMMAGE NOTES – Group A vs. Group B.
Starting lines.
Group A: Kunitz-Staal-Neal
Group B: Sullivan-Malkin-Kennedy had immediate chemistry. They scored the first two goals of the game. Kennedy with two snipe jobs. one point, Malkin dangled around Jordan Staal, making him look like a 3-year-old toddler at the park. scrimmage was extremely physical. Something we didn't expect. Big Mac destroyed Alex Grant on the boards. Kunitz started getting chippy. you look at Paul Martin and his stats last season, it is easy to think to yourself, "he is overpaid." But when you watch him move the puck, you  realize he isn't overpaid at all. Moves the puck effortlessly. Michalek is going to be even better than he was last year. highlight for the black team was Neal sniping a goal. scored on a penalty shot. Park was everywhere. He hit the post once then he buried one a little later. Lots of NHL depth this year.
MISC idea what Gilles Meloche does. Ryan Mill scream into the mic is still tough. In 20 years, 75% of Pens fans will be deaf. fingers looked decent. Horton's coffee was delicious.