Trade This Blog to Toronto for Nazem Kadri

The media has been falling all over itself trying to figure out who the Penguins should desperately trade immediately because the team hasn't won the Cup in OMG THREE WHOLE SEASONS. Thankfully, we don't have to file a story every day so we can do things like wait until the last post gets over 12,000 comments before we throw together something else.

Here are a few things we've missed in the last little while. Enjoy the offseason. Sports gets good ratings because people like to watch the Penguins and not because of the quality of the broadcast. for Malkin in the NHL 13 Cover Vote. He's up against Scott Hartnell right now. Imagine if he was up against Sean Couturier? @dchesnokov on Twitter: Ovechkin: "Everyone knows that at this time Malkin is the best player in the world…I enjoyed watching him play from the bench" in the World. Michalek had hip surgery. Trade his hips for better hips in Carolina, Minnesota or Toronto. Penguins have signed defenseman Reid McNeill, their sixth-round draft choice in 2010.