Tonight’s Game On TV

There's been a bit of confusion about what channels tonight's game will be on.  Thank you NHL scheduling.  Here's what we know so far.

In Pittsburgh, the game is airing on Root Sports.  If you're in Florida, the game is on Sun Sports.  That's simple.

For anyone else in the United States, the game will be on the NHL Network.  Note that the NHL Network broadcast will be blacked out for anyone who gets Root Sports Pittsburgh or Sun Sports.  It looks like the NHL Network is picking up the Pittsburgh feed of the game.

Versus is also showing the game, joined in progress after the Montreal/Boston game.  In Canada, the game is on TSN as CBC is showing Boston/Montreal.  

Since the game has national coverage in both the US and Canada, we assume that it won't be on any NHL Center Ice channels.

Less than four hours remaining.

Buckle up.