Today’s Controversy: The Pens Getting Ice Girls

Penguins To Hold Auditions For Skating "Ice Crew"

The Pittsburgh Penguins will introduce a skating “Ice Crew” for the 2010-11 season – a team of energetic girls and guys who will help clean the ice, interact with fans and take part in other promotional activities.

Putting the crew on skates will add a new level of excitement to the Penguins’ game presentation as the team enters a new era at CONSOL Energy Center.

“We’ll be looking for energy, athleticism and passion for the Penguins,” said James Santilli, the team’s vice president of marketing. “We think it’s a great way for fans to get even more involved with Penguins hockey and help make games at CONSOL Energy Center an even greater entertainment experience.”

There are two camps on this:
One thought is "Who cares?  Half of the league does the exact same thing."
The other side is:
This is just the first sign of how the Pittsburgh Penguins at the CONSOL Energy Center will be different from the Pittsburgh Penguins at the Mellon Arena.
Our thoughts?  We're not sure.
"Ice Girls" (though the Penguins aren't calling them ice girls) are usually associated with struggling markets and often considered a ploy to bring fans to games.
However, teams like the Blackhawks, Flyers and Senators all have/had Ice Girls and they're not exactly struggling markets.
The Pens have also had the "Pens Patrol" in the past, so is this really that different?
Again, we're not sure how we feel about this.
But it's summer and this could be considered hockey news, so we're posting it.
It'll be October one day.
Development camp begins next week.
Go Pens.