Tips for viewing the site

Something that we have not done a good job of is sharing some better ways to view this lousy site. So hopefully this helps.


1. Bookmark the Pensblog section:


A lot of people do not like the front page. But there is a simple way of getting around that.

Just select the "Pensblog" tab on the main menu bar. If you bookmark this section, entire post will be visible like the blogspot days.


2. Use the next button and previous buttons:

For some reason we haven't been able to get these buttons to stick out more. When you are reading a current post and want to view older post, just simply hit the PREV OR NEXT buttons:


3. Use the RSS feed:

The RSS feed is here. We have finally been able to fix it. Using this gets rid of all the stupid ads.

Feel free to to add anymore tips in cblog.


Which, speaking of that. If you upgrade to firefox 4.0, it should work a lot better.