Time To Let Mellon Go

A lot of political bullshit going on about the Mellon Arena. David Morehouse was booed at some bizarre town meeting. [Mondesi's House]
Guy, left hand corner.
Regardless of your feelings on the matter, public outrage is great. Gene Collier probably couldn't believe it.
The hastily put together Reusetheigloo.com doesn't seem to have any thoughts on yesterday's happenings. Presumably they are busy looking for a template from 1998. After some review of their site, it might be better to take up a petition that supports tearing the arena down. A brief part from the vision section of Reusetheigloo.com reads like this:
Keys to Pittsburgh's future competitiveness will be about conservation, recycling and rebuilding green. So let's imagine that the stainless steel-clad Igloo becoming a unique destination for visitors to learn of our innovative ways. It would be Pittsburgh's answer to Chicago's Millennium Park.
Chicago sucks.
Last year we might have cared about the Mellon standing up, but setting foot in Consol ended that.  It might be time for people to let go. You might get all jammed up about the thought of it now, but when Mike Richards butt-ends Crosby in the face on October 7, will you really be thinking about the Mellon Arena?
Go Pens.