Thiessen recalled, Johnson’s future in doubt?

Brad Tiffany Amber Thiessen got recalled. [ Pens ]

And in related news, [ ESPN's Pierre Lebrun ] says the Pens are in the backup goalie market:

The Pittsburgh Penguins are poking around for an upgrade to backup goalie Brent Johnson. Among the names on their list is Minnesota Wild backup Josh Harding, who is slated for unrestricted free agency July 1.

Interesting to say the least. 

Brent Johnson has not been good this season, and Penguins are probably going to need at least four starts in March from the backup goalie.

Starting in the second week of March, the Pens have a minimum of three games a week.

Johnson ranks right in front of Ty Conklin in save percentage with a less than stellar .882. Conklin was placed on waivers either this month. It could be a sad end to Brent Johnson's tenure as a Pens. Johnson was sick earlier this week, and then apparently got hurt in practice.

No clue what Josh Harding is about, but his last name could led itself to "Hardy boy," references.