The Winter Classic Will Probably Be Fine

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Hardest thing to remember: What you were doing on New Year's Day every year for the past 10 years.
Easiest thing to remember:  It never rained on New Year's Day like at the end of Jumanji.
We've all seen the Winter Classic before.  We can remember everyone getting all worked up about the weather for the first Winter Classic in Buffalo.  It is the usual scare tactics that are employed for whatever reason.  Fear and sex are the prime motivation for anything.   It's hockey, so the fear avenue has to be traversed.  We've been making posts about the weather recently, but we're not worried about the Winter Classic.  It will be fine.  The puck will drop shortly after 1:00pm, and it will be a success.

Rain?  Flip a coin.

There's a jet stream of bullshit coming out the mouth of whatever meteorologist came up with this.  As it stands currently, there's a 50% chance it's gonna rain.  So that means there's a 50% it won't. Second, we've seen no maps with this alleged precipitation.  Ain't happening.  If this weather forecast comes along during the summer, are you canceling the picnic planned for that day?  Hell no.  And if it does rain, it won't be Jumanji.  Worst-case scenario would be like a 30-minute delay or something.  Plus, the forecast is calling for a three-hour window in which rain has a 50% chance of falling.  Drop the puck.

If the NHL was worried about the weather, they'd already be making some moves.


The ice will be fine.

Dan Craig, the rink-maker, is all business.  The guy has been dominating the ice-making game since we were sticking LEGOs down our pants.  Dan Craig recently said this:
"If rain falls, we'll be freezing it because that's how we make a sheet of ice. If you watch us, we make ice with mists. That's how I teach it — make the water fall as if it's raining.  Rain will freeze right away."

Amusing article from 2007.
Damien Cox and Scott Burnside debating the first Winter Classic.
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