The week in pissed-off coaches 12/21-12/27

We usually get all of our pics from's recaps of NHL games.  Hard to believe that ESPN would be a good source of hockey shit, we know.
When browsing across most of the pics from different teams and the Penguin games, we can't help but notice that there are always pics of pissed-off coaches. So we went back and looked through pics from the last week and found pictures of pissed-off coaches.
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Sutter is pissed;

Semi-pissed off Kurt Muller. More stern.

Barry Trotz is always pissed for some reason:
Oh man Dale Hunter against Buffalo:
Babcock face:
By the way, is there a better way to greet people than how Babcock greeted Crosby after the Pens won the Cup.
"That's great leadership by you, eh."
That should be the way you greet your grandparents on Christmas.
Moving on, Trotz is a dick.
Bylsma Christmas sweater jacked:
What is Claude Noel even doing:
Randy Cunneyworth is lost. Look at the dude on the right:
Joel Q stoic pissed:
That is it for this week. We'll probably forget to do it next week, so whatev.