The Week Ahead: 12.19

Last week was kind of bizarre. Almost like winter's annual complacency rolled in. Couple that with unlimited injuries, and the Pens had a tough week going 1-2.

They've fallen considerably in the standings:


The East is tighter than Santa's sac.

On tap this week.


Chicago Blackhawks- at Consol.

Yea, Chicago is first in the west, so this game could be vomit city. Hossa is red hot. 
This could have been fun.
Crosby/Malkin/Staal vs Toews/Kane/Hossa.
All the dumb yinzers will boo Hossa, because that isn't old or anything. What a player.


Can already feel that this game is going to put us in the anti-Christmas mood. Winnipeg sucks, but those idiots up there will be all jammed up.
Winnipeg sucks.