Our five favorite moments from 24/7, Episode 1

Even watching 24/7 last year, it was hard not to gain respect for some of the Washington Capitals. So, about ten minutes into this year's, when we found ourselves completely respecting both teams, we knew it was going to be something special. We briefly thought about running a Rangers blog.
24/7 was mind-blowing last year. This year it is just as mesmerizing. One of the shows where you look at the clock and wish there was more time. Here are our top 5 moments from episode one:

5. John Tortorella and Peter Laviolette

Big-time coaches. Something that you notice with both Torts and Peter Laviolette is they both have 100% respect of their team. Both are Stanley Cup winners.When you watch how big of an idiot Bruce Boudreau was last year and then watch Torts coach, it is a different world.
Some cool shit featuring Torts:
  • Someone mentioned this on Twitter, but could you imagine dating a girl and her dad being John Tortorella? Jesus.
  • He called Gaborik out on the bench in Buffalo, and Gaborik responded with a snipe.
  • He couldn't decide whether or not to pull Lundqvist at one point.
  • His best quote via Puck Daddy "With [Phil] Kessel, if you have a chance, finish him. He's a good player. But don't shit your pants on him." 

On to Laviolette

Lav had some great quotes:

  • “We are not a conservative team, we are a let’s fucking giddy up and go type of team.
  • “Play fucking hard. Play for each other, support each other. Come back to the bench fucking dripping tired with fucking sweat and exhaustion. Put your foot on the fucking gas.” 
  • Before the Pens game:Just a couple reminders here– you either put it wide with speed and put it behind the net, or you put it behind them and you grind the piss out of this team, because that’s the strength of ours. Play to our strengths and against their weakness. Let’s make sure we have a great start, a great first shift. Have a great game. A must-win here. Let’s kick some ass.”
  • Thanks to CrossingBroad for the breakdown.


After Read More, our other four favorite moments, and the complete episode via Nyrangersblog.


4. The Artem Anisimov Incidient.

Just an awesome breakdown of when Artem Anisimov pulled out the rifle celebration and the Lightning flipped out.

Anisimov apologized to his teammates after the game, all business moment. Probably our favorite player in the NHL now.


3. Bylsma's subtle jobbing of Talbot

Byslma's first words to Talbot:  "Goal scorer now, huh?"

It was subtle, but there was something to it. 

2. Credit Card roulette

Thought this was one of the underrated scenes. All the Rangers went out to dinner, and they put their credit cards into a bag. The last two remaining cards had to pick up the $2,500 dinner tabs.

This is how all dinners should be settled.

In the end, the two Rangers who shouldered the bill were Henrik Lunndqvist and Jeff Woywitka.

1.Ilya Bryzgalov

Probably the best moment of television in 2011. You saw the solar system stuff, but the Tiger killing is even better.

hahah he is insane.

Overall, like we said, the first episode was just as brilliant as last year.


Here is the full episode broken down into four parts:

Part 1


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