The potential good and bad of signing Shane Doan to a 4-year contract

This was the rumor posted from the Ottawa Sun's Bruce Garrioch:

Phoenix captain Shane Doan is reportedly looking for a four-year, $30-million deal to leave the Coyotes. The talk is the Penguins are prepared to put a four-year, $24-million deal on the table if they haven’t already.

Few things about this, first off. Garrioch is the same guy who predicted "Malkin to the Kings" however many years ago. And this whole rumor wasn't even the subject of the article. Such a Trib thing to do.
The first reaction of the mention of Doan getting a 4-year contract is that feeling you get when your significant other invites someone over to your house when you had your mind set on just relaxing by yourself for the night and not having to put on some kind of show.
Then again, at the end of the night, most of the time you're like, "Well, that wasn't so bad."
Shane Doan could be the same. The breakdown of the good and bad after the jump.


Shane Doan would be good. Reason 1:

Let's look at Doan's stats:

Pretty much an automatic 20-goal scorer and hasn't been under 50 points since 2001.  Give him the right linemates, and he could get close to being an 80-point guy. See 2008.


Shane Doan would be good. Reason 2:

The Penguins twice picked up two aging players with great results. They picked up Gary Roberts in 2007 and kept him on board for 2008. They also got Bill Guerin for 2009's Cup run and kept him on board for 2010. In those cases, both players gave the Pens two really good years. Roberts was 40, and Guerin was 38.
So, what if the Penguins would have had both when they were 35? Roberts was a beast for the Leafs when he was 35, and the same could be said for Guerin, who was putting up 30 goals when he was 35.
Shane Doan would be good. Reason 3:
This probably could go with Guerin and Roberts, as well. One thing that drove the Penguins' Cup runs was the desire of the older guys to win the Cup again before retiring. Not that the Penguins need that drive, but Shane Doan could impose his will and reignite the Pens' desire. No idea what that means, though.  Hell, it would be Doan's drive for his FIRST Cup.
Shane Doan would be good. Reason 4:
Let's see. Would you rather overpay Shane Doan or watch TK humiliate himself alongside Malkin or Crosby next season? News flash, as well: Eric Tangradi cannot play with Malkin or Crosby.  Tangradi couldn't play with Bert and Ernie.  So what is the worse that happens? You set up your top two lines for a good stretch of seasons, and maybe by the time Doan is out of it, one of the younger guys like Beau Bennett can step in.
And don't be stupid. Bennett isn't gonna go from not really doing much in college hockey to being a top-six in the NHL in one year. Get ahold of yourselves.
Shane Doan would be bad. Reason 1:
Are you really going to pay Doan $6 million a year? It doesn't seem like a Shero move, contract-wise. That is more than James Neal, a proven 40-goal scorer.
Shane Doan would be bad. Reason 2:
He's kind of a dick. Fairly sure this is about everything we have for "bad." Looks like we've already talked ourselves into Shane Doan.
Shane Doan would be bad. Reason 3: