The Pittsburgh Penguins Goal Song

The time has come. The season is almost here. We're ready for hockey.

But what will play when the Pittsburgh Penguins score a goal?

What song will you hear between the horn sounding and Ryan Mill screaming in an obnoxious manner?

Last season the team used "Song 2" by Blur. It's been used a couple of times in team history and it isn't a bad goal song. It's also been used as a "Victory Song" of sorts after games for a while. Maybe it's just us, but it kind of feels a little old and dated now. So what else is there? Gary Glitter's "Rock and Roll, Part 2" has been used in the past as well and it's been pretty popular.

It's a great choice for a goal song, despite not being that original. Of course, some people don't like that choice because of Glitter's child pornography conviction. That's probably part of the reason why the Penguins stopped using the song when they moved to the Consol Energy Center.

So what else is there?

We've always thought that Muse's "Uprising" would be a good goal song starting at about the 3:08 mark. There's even a good "HEY!" part in there for the fans to cheer.

So what would you want to hear as a goal song. Remember, this doesn't mean "What is your favorite song?" or "What are you listening to on your iPod right now?" Goal songs need to have energy and they should pump up the crowd. Tell us in CBlog or tag your suggestion with #PensGoalSong on Twitter. This likely won't go anywhere and it probably won't mean anything, but we're just interested.

Hockey soon. Go Pens.