The Pensblog NHL10 Tournaments At

update: XBOX and PS3 is filled up.
This is now good to go. Sign up now. This is the first of many.
Big-time news here.
Over the past week or two, we've been going back and forth with a website called Rivalspot.  They are helping to lead the charge in providing video-gamers a place to put their money where their mouth is, letting users play for money in video-game tournaments.  It's 100% legal.  No questions asked.
The folks at Rivalspot have been accommodating enough to let us organize a Pensblog-only tournament, so we're gonna do it.
This first tournament will be free to enter.  With this free tournament, we are trying to gauge how Rivalspot is run and how smoothly everything operates before we can tell you to start putting some money into your Rivalspot account.  But from everything we've seen and been told, Rivalspot's handling of these NHL10 tournaments is the real deal.
Some quick info:
1.) The tournaments will be held 7:00-11:00pm EST on Friday, August 6.
2.) This first tournament is free to enter.
3.) This is for both XBOX360 and the PS3.
4.) Champion of each tournament wins free copy of NHL11.
5.) Each tournament has 16 open slots.
For this free tournament, the slots will be awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis.
As soon as you see this post, run over to Rivalspot, register, and reserve your spot.
** This first set of tournaments is free to enter because we want to see how all this goes down.  After this tournament, though, it will be buy-in tournaments that will include anywhere from 16 to 64 players with some pretty good money going to the winner.
*** NOTE***
Some people have been asking how to join the tourney. Once you sign up for an account, just click the "FEATURED TOURNAMENT" tab on the home page menu bar:
Just click on that and you are gold.
Expect a Royal Rumble tourney to decide the champion of NHL 10 before NHL 11 comes out.
— The main sticking point for these video-game tournaments: How in the hell can the website verify the results from a game?
It's ridiculously simple, although it takes some legwork from the video-gamer to initially set everything up.  Every recent EA Sports title gives you the option, whether it's in their game menus or online at, to have the results, stats, etc., from any game you play online to be automatically e-mailed to an e-mail address of your choice.  This feature, however, seems to have disappeared from the NHL10 title.
But thankfully, has all game-results information on their website.
Here's what you have to do:
1.) Go to and register an account, if you haven't already.
Follow the instructions that will tie your XBOX/PS3 gamertag to your EA account.
(Step-by-step directions for this is at the bottom of this post)
2.) To check if your account is set up properly, replace XXX in the links below with your gamertag, and your recent activity will be shown:

3.) Any other questions, check out the Rivalspot FAQ.
Head over to Rivalspot and get the job done.
Tying your PS3 Network I.D. or XBOX360 gamertag to
1.) Head to
2.) In the top right corner of the site, register an account.
For your "EA I.D.," just pick whatever you want.  It doesn't have to be your gamertag.
3.) After you've registered an account, go back to homepage and login.
4.) Once logged in, you will be on the homepage.
Scroll down till you see "Customize My Sports World."  Click "My Profile."
5.) Your profile page will show some weird 3D avatar on the left.
Below it, you'll see "My Personas."  Click "Add Persona."
6.) At this page, you will type in your PS3 or XBOX name.
7.) Finally, you'll have to tie your gamertag/I.D. to your EA account.
In the NHL10 menus, go to XBOX LIVE > My Online NHL10 > Online Settings > EA Account Settings.
Then put in your EA account information.
PS3 players, substitute "PlayStation Network" in that menu list to whatever you use.