The Pensblog Mock All-Star Draft: Team Derek vs. Team Rick

It's the Pensblog Mock All-Star Draft!
Team Rick versus Team Derek with absolutely nothing on the line!
Derek was given the choice of teams and he selected to be Team Lidstrom.
Rick was given the first overall pick.
Team Derek starts with captain Nicklas Lidstrom and alternate captains Patrick Kane & Martin St. Louis.
Team Rick starts with captain Eric Staal and alternate captains Ryan Kesler & Mike Green.
The rules of the draft are as follows:

To accommodate each team's position requirements, all goalies must be picked by the end of Round 10 and all defensemen must be picked by the conclusion of Round 15.

Both teams are up at the podium, so let's get started.
With my first pick, I select Steven Stamkos.
Why?  Because he's Steven Stamkos.  Also, it keeps him and St. Louis split up.
Vintage Canadian fanboy pic.
My team is all about soft Euros.
With my first pick I am going with Henrik Sedin
If that's the case, then this is an easy one: Daniel Sedin.  They're nothing without each other.
Extremely bizarre strategy. Taking the weaker Sedin. I am already winning.
I am going to with Alexander Ovechkin. No one shows up more in meaningless games. This is his Super Bowl.
I hope you know that there's no "falling down for no reason" competition at SuperSkills.
I'm taking Jonathan Toews, because I want a team filled with boring, "Good Canadian kids."
Hard to Job Toews. Thought about taking him… in the sixth round.
I am going to to go with Zdeno Chara. Somehow, depsite playing for the Bruins, he has become a favorite player of mine. Automatic goals when the puck gets to him at the point.
Rick Nash. 
I thought about taking him later, because I know Derek has a huge hate for him and would never take him, but I need a some wingers to go with all my centers.
I wouldn't take Rick Nash ever.
I will continue my run of non-Canadians and go with Anze Kopitar. Nasty season for him thus far. 16 goals, 33 assists. Underrated player. 
Dammit.  I wanted him.
Goaltender time: Tim Thomas.  I hate him, but it's hard to argue with the numbers this year. 
Hahhahahha! Tim Thomas? Stunned. I am going with Claude Giroux. What a player. He'll shine in this game. My first line may be unstoppable.
A good pick.
Big Buff baby.  Big Buff.  He can play forward if needed.
Goalie time for me. Gotta go MAF. Last two weeks he has been the best goalie in hockey.
A good choice.
Kris Letang.  I need goals from defense.  And a Penguin.
I'm just going to be a dick and take another goalie. King Henrik Lundqvist city. Have fun with Carey Price.
Suuuuuck it.
Cam Ward, because the game's in Carolina.
Back to the Euros. One of my favorite players. Martin Havlat. He'll probably get hurt. but whatev.
Marc Staal.
Eric Staal wants to play with his brother.
Lame. I am going for Duncan Keith.  I have no reason why. D is thin. Brent Burns made the all star game? yikes
Matt Duchene.
He should have been picked ahead of Tavares in the entry draft.  Such a good player.
Dammit I was just writing him in. Duchene is nasty. Wasn't that draft Tavares-Hedman-Duchene? Jesus could you imagine if Tampa would have picked him? Stamkos-Duchene. Man.
I am going with Brad Richards.
I think I fucked that up.  We need to take three goalies by round ten, and that's round 10.
Hiller if that's the case.  You get Price and we move on.
Fuck. Fine. Your pick.
Patrick Sharp.
No idea why.
I'll take Patrik Elias. I refuse to take Phil Kessel
No one's going to take Phil Kessel.  
Corey Perry
I'll take Dan Boyle. But only because I hope he scores on Carey Price.
Shea Weber.
He's just a good player.
I think he is overrated. But maybe he just needs to go elsewhere. I'll take Erik Karlsson. Only good thing going in Ottawa.
I was going to take him.
Brent Burns.  Because he's not Keith Yandle.
It's Brent Burns, Keith Yandle, and Patrick Sharp. The NHL All-Star game on VERSUS!!!
Give me sweet Loui Eriksson
I think you need to take a defenseman.  That was round 15.  You get Yandle.
I'll take Paul Stastny.  You get Eriksson and we're back on track.
Which makes it my turn, I think.
David Backes.
Christ.  I'll take Briere.
Jeff Skinner.
Enjoy Phil Kessel.
Son of a bitch. 
Team Derek Team Rick
Nicklas Lidstrom – D Eric Staal – C
Martin St. Louis – RW Ryan Kesler – C
Patrick Kane – RW Mike Green – D
Henrik Sedin – C Steven Stamkos – C
Alex OvechkinLW Daniel SedinLW
Zdeno Chara – D Jonathan Toews – C
Anze Kopitar – C Rick Nash – RW
Claude GirouxRW Tim Thomas – G
Marc-Andre Fleury – G Dustin Byfuglien – D
Henrick Lundqvist – G Kris Letang – D
Martin HavlatRW Cam Ward – G
Duncan Keith – D Marc Staal – D
Carey Price – G Jonas Hiller – G
Brad Richards – C Matt Duchene – C
Patrik Elias – LW Patrick Sharp – LW
Dan Boyle – D Corey Perry – RW
Erik Karlsson – D Shea Weber – D
Keith Yandle – D Brent Burns – D
Loui Eriksson – LW Paul Stastny – C
Daniel BriereRW David BackesRW
Phil KesselRW Jeff Skinner – C