The Pensblog All-Time Favorite Penguins Playoff Goals Tournament – The Conference Finals

Let us travel back to a time where the Penguins had playoff success.

Here are the winners from the last round of voting:

2009 Division #1 Seed: Malkin Spin Vs. Carolina 2009

2000s Division #1 Seed: Sykora game 5 OT winner 2008 SCF

Late 80s/Early 90s Division #1 Seed: Lemieux vs. North Stars Game 2 1991 SCF

Late 90s/Early 2000s Division #1 Seed: Kasparatis game 7 winner against Buffalo 2001

All the number one seeds move on, making this tournament far more predictable than the actual Stanley Cup playoffs.

Today's polls after the jump.


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Thanks again to DoobyDoobyDoo for the bracket.

Malkin Spin Game 2 Canes

Sykora OT GWG SCF Gm 5

Lemieux Game 2 1991 SCF

Kasparitis GWG Game 7 Buffalo

Here are the polls:

Polls close on Wednesday night. There was no way we thought this tournament would outlast the Penguins in the playoffs.